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Access Ladders

Acces Ladders Our engineers have designed ladders and platforms to suit the complete range of GALAXY™ water storage tanks.

The ladder for the Agricultural and other smaller ranges of tanks is a very simple design that allows quick and easy access to the roof of the tanks for routine inspections and cleaning. These ladders utlilize a hook-on design that means it can be removed from the tank and stored in a safe place, removing the risk of unauthorized access. The ladders are hot dipped galvanized for long life.

A range of internal and external ladders has also been developed for the larger GALAXY™ water storage tanks. These ladders can accommodate external and internal platforms and requirements for ladder cages. Ladders are hot dipped galvaized for added protection or alternatively we can provide stainless steel ladders or specialized coated ladders to protect them from corrosive environments.

The larger ladders are designed to connect to either a roof platform or commercial sliding or hinged access hatch.



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