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Pioneer Water Tanks who manufactures the Galaxy range of reservoirs in Perth, Australia has been involved with the development of the AQUALINER PLUS® and the INDUSTRATEX™ liner material.


Both liners are woven impervious membranes for water storage, suitable for a range of conditions.

During the past fourteen years these liners have proven their ability to the point where we consider them to be the strongest and most versatile food grade liners available to the South African market.

Using our liners gives a versatile, safe and effective medium not only for the storage of water but they are also resistant to the following:

  • Mild acids, e.g. diluted and at room temperature - diluted acids and alkalis have less effect at room temperature, but at elevated temperatures some hydrolysis and extraction of plasticiser may occur.
  • Mild alkalis, e.g. sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) potassium hydroxide and sodium carbonate;^
  • Salts, e.g. sodium chloride (common salt, sea salt);^
  • Some organic solvents,^ and
  • Effluent from treatment plants*.
  • Some organic liquids tend to extract the plasticiser, (Industratex™ only) which results in hardening, particularly when the liners are removed from contact with the liquid. However, they are not suitable for strong oxidising agents, some solvents and most oils.

*We have an additional range of liners to suit these products. Please contact us to discuss your specification.

For information regarding the storage of aggressive solvents and oils we recommend you contact our Commercial Division.

If you are considering our liner:

Please advise the chemical composition of the proposed commodity / liquid being stored to ascertain the suitability of the fabric. Storage temperature is also a necessary requirement when seeking the acceptability of the tank liners.


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