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Earth Dams


There are two important factors to consider when building a dam:evaporation and seapages.  This has made linings far superior to clay.

Water Wise Liners manufacture earth dam linings to customer specifications .Earth dam linings can be ordered up to 1000 sq meters in DIY kit form.Any size over that will need to be installed by our installation department. 1000 sq meters panels can also be joined by the customer.

PVC earth dam Liners are the ideal solution for smaller earth dams, PVC is strong and durable, and easy install as a DIY installation.

  • PVC can be made prior to installation in large panels.
  • PVC is very flexible and conforms to sub grade better than LDPE or HDPE.
  • PVC is easy to repair with a solvent type glue.
  • PVC Linings installation does not require skilled labour or expensive equipment.

PVC is by far the cheapest option to line a earth dam in cases were the lining wont be exposed.

LDPE and HDPE is ideal for use in larger Earth Dams were the lining will be exposed to the sun the majority of the time.



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PVC earth Dam Linings
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