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Pond Liners

Never has it been easier to have your own pond, with the Water Wise pond liners, a hole in the ground can be shaped to accommodate a liner, ensuring a leak free pond .A lined pond will not require resealing or give any leaks.

We don't just sell off the roll LDPE plastic liner material, we can manufacture to any size and shape. Material available is LDPE, and Reinforced PVC. An alternative to just using a flat sheet to line your pond, is to build a custom shape pond with Bricks. A PVC liner can then be manufactured to your custom shape with no pleats..

Bottom drains can be fitted to liners. Bottom drains are important to help with keeping your pond clean from debris,when used together with a Bio Filter to purify the Pond water and UV light for Algae control.

Brick PondLiner

Example of a shaped pond with a custom made Liner

PVC liners are available in sizes up to a 1000 sq meters.





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