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As warmer months move in to push out the winter chill , we begin to eye our beautiful backyard pools again , but pool safety should be considered all year-round, because if you have a pool in your backyard, it is a 24-7 responsibility. Here are some pool safety rules to follow:

Pool Safety Rule #1: Always watch children when they are near or in the pool.

Pool Safety Rule #2: If hosting a pool party, make sure at least one adult is designated to keep a close eye on children at all times.

Pool Safety Rule #3: Teach children to float or swim as soon as possible. Experience, however, is by no means a replacement for supervision.

Pool Safety Rule #4: Make sure the pool is surrounded on all sides with a fence higher than 5 feet high.

Pool Safety Rule #5: Make sure the fence is self-closing and has self-latching gates.

Pool Safety Rule #6: Make sure the latches are out of reach of young children.

Pool Safety Rule #7: Do not keep tables or chairs near the fence, this would allow children to climb over it and gain access to the pool.

Pool Safety Rule #8: Keep pool toys out of and away from the pool when you are not using them, as they might attract unsupervised children to the pool.

Pool Safety Rule #9: Remove any pool covering completely before allowing anyone to swim.

Pool Safety Rule #10: Do not use floatation devices as a substitute for supervision.

Pool Safety Rule #11: Learn CPR.

Pool Safety Rule #12: Never leave children unattended by the pool. If the phone or doorbell rings or you have to go inside for any reason, get the children out of the pool.

Pool Safety Rule #13: Keep rescue tools, like a long, light pole and a floatation ring, near the pool. You don’t want them to be misplaced so let children know that these tools are not toys. Teach everyone in the family how to use these tools.

Pool Safety Rule #14: Use plasticware by the pool instead of glassware.

Pool Safety Rule #15: Provide “touch supervision” around infants and toddlers. Remain within arms length of them at all times, so they are easily reachable in an emergency.

Pool Safety Rule #16: Don’t swim alone or allow others to swim alone.

Pool Safety Rule #17: Keep CD players, radios, and other electrical devices safely away from the water. Talk to your pool dealer about a ground fault interrupter for added protection in the event of a power surge.

Pool Safety Rule #18: Get out of the pool if you hear thunder. Move indoors for the duration of the thunderstorm.

Pool Safety Rule #19: Allow swimmers to dive only off the very end of the diving board, not off the sides of the pool. They should always enter feet-first from the side of the pool.

Pool Safety Rule #20: Do not get a false sense of security because you follow all these rules. You should always supervise any swimmers in your pool closely and constantly.

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