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Tank Products

Tank Accessories

The following list of accessories are available with most tanks. Please be sure to specify any additional requirements to our design and sales team so that we get just the right reservoir and accessories for your application.

Ventilation: Air flow is very important for when personnel have to enter the tank for routine maintenance checks or to remove airborne pollutants and excess condensation from the tank. Please ensure minimum industry standards and procedures for confined spaces are adhered to.

Scour Box: protects the scour valve from accidental damage or tampering.

Hold Down Brackets: Used to secure the tank to either a concrete ring beam or slab.
(Standard on all tanks mounted on concrete ring beams)

Side Wall Access Hatch: Hatch has been designed as a safety measure, allowing access to the inside of the tank from ground level in case of an emergency. Access hatch can only be used when water level is below access hatch location.

Pipe Brackets: these brackets are used to stabilise external piping.
(Standard on all tanks unless otherwise specified)

Fascia: the roof fascia, conceals the trimmed edge of the roof sheeting and is ribbed in the same pattern as the wall panels adding to the overall aesthetics of the whole tank.

Vent Hatch: Used to ciculate fresh air when entering the tank. A bell crank is used to open the vent opposite the commercial sliding hatch.

Level Indicators: An external indicator showing level of the level of the water within the tank. These indicators can be fitted to any rural tank or a commercial tank up to eight metres in height.
(Standard on all tanks unless otherwise specified)

Cathodic Protection of Steel: Controls electrolysis thus protecting the tank wall from corrosion.

Filter Baskets and Debris Collectors (Rain Water Collection Only), are used to reduce the amount of debris entering the tank through the inlet.

Geotextile: a 100% polyester non-woven materials with high breaking strength. We recommend Geotextile when clean sand is difficult to source. The Geotextile provides additional protection against sharp objects such as stones or rocks that may damage or puncture the liner base.
(Standard on all tanks unless otherwise specified)

Presstite: protect your stored water from dust and insects by installing presstite between the corrugated roof and the top edge of the tank tank. This bitumen soaked filler makes a tight seal, which prevents invasion. Easy to install, Presstite is available in 3' lengths and can be easily cut. Whether you have an existing tank or are thinking of installing one, this simple but effective method will give you added peace of mind that your water supply will remain free of dust and insects.
(Standard on all tanks unless otherwise specified)





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