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Tank Foundations

1 Tank site foundations can vary depending on the size of the tank, the application for which it is being used, or the design requirements of the tank.

A clean level sand pad (minimum 150mm thickness) is suitable for most GALAXY™ water storage tanks up to a nominal capacity of 250 000 litres.
Note: Seismic rated tanks and high wind rated tanks will require a reinforced concrete ring beam or slab.

2 A reinforced concrete ring beam is required for tanks larger than 250 000 litres. GALAXY™ will provide a drawing detailing these site requirements. Strict adherance to this design specification is necessary for hassle free installation and peak performance of your water tank. Optional foundations such as full concrete slab is subject to verification by our design team.

For all GALAXY™ water storage tanks it is necessary to have a clear area of at least 2 metres all around the tank for construction.

To download a generalised sketch of a typical GALAXY™ reservoir in PDF format click here




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