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Trussed Roof Structures

1 Pioneer Water Tanks, the manufacturer of Galaxy Reservoirs in Perth, Australia, has invested considerable effort developing a roof structure that is not only easy to build but strong and adaptable to accommodate any application. All of our dome roof structures are carefully engineered to create load paths of uniform capacity, so that cost and price efficiencies are maximised.

We offer a choice of three roof designs;

  • Standard – this is a robust, engineered roof structure comprising of hot dipped galvanized steel members welded in to trusses with swivel truss feet to enable secure alignment with the tank wall. This roof is designed to withstand 90 mph winds (to ASCE 7-02) and is most suitable where standard access hatches only are required or where the tank is not located in an exposed area subject to high winds.
  • Heavy Duty / MARS – The MARS Roof (Multi-Application Roof Structure) embodies all the features and advantages of the Industry Standard roof, and in addition is capable of withstanding both heavier loads arising from larger roof platforms and greater loads arising from higer winds (up to 100 mph to ASCE 7-02).
  • Cyclonic – The Cyclonic Roof is capable of withstanding the full force of a tropical cyclone (as defined by AS1170.2). It also embodies all the features and advantages of the Industry Standard roof but has trusses of greater depth at closer centers to withstand up to 200 kph winds (to ASCE 7-02).




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