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Tank Products

The GALAXY™range of water storage tanks is available is capacities from 6 000 litres up to 2 660 000 litres. Each GALAXY™ water storage tank is designed to meet the specific requirements of the application for which it is to be used as well as the location or environment in which it is operating.

All GALAXY™ water storage tanks have the necessary structural engineering to suit either agricultural, residential, municipal, industrial, mining, elevated and fire applications.

Depending on the location and environment in which the tank is operating our GALAXY™ water tanks can be designed to suit earthquake zones, high wind regions, heavy industrial or highly specialized environments.

The GALAXY™ range of water tanks can be configured to meet;

  • Seismic design codes - up to zone 4
  • Wind loads up to 200 kph (to ASCE 7-02)
  • Snow loadings up to 25psf (to ASCE 7-02)
  • Corrosive environments (contact our sales team for more information).

These requirements can be easily accomodated to allow the best possible solution for most situations.

The GALAXY™ water tank combines strength with the aesthetic appeal of no protrduding bolts due to the innovative, fully enclosed bolt cap. GALAXY™ water storage tanks are also available in a range of pre-painted steel colors (contact us for availablility of specific colors).

The high strength but lightweight steel shell combines with a polymer composite – AQUALINER PLUS® or INDUSTRATEX™ water storage liner depending on the application, to provide a flexible, long lasting and top quality tank system. The liners are approved by the World Health Organisation for the storage of potable water and to NSF/ANSI 61 for the storage of drinking water ensuring the quality and dependability of the water supply.

Unique construction methods allows the GALAXY™ water tank to be constructed on site in minimal time. The contruction methods suit installations even where they are in difficult or remote sites. Minimal site preparation is also required, with many tanks designed to sit on a 150mm minimum thickness sand pad. For taller tanks or where seismic or wind conditions must be met a concrete ring beam will be required.

All of the design and attention to detail is backed with quality materials and valid up to date engineering certification and a reputation we are not willing to compromise. These features combine with a limited 10-year warranty and a high level of aftermarket service.

This gives you, the customer, peace of mind that what you have purchased is of high quality and the right product for the application.





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